Achieve Your Property Goals: 6 Precious Landscaping Tricks That Add Value To Your Home

The holiday season is just around the corner and when you take a look at your yard, does it look like it’s ready for the excitement that the season brings? Or is it time to make a change? No matter what reason you may have in mind, putting some time, energy and money into your landscape can pay off big-time. A well thought out and well-designed landscaping is really best for relaxation and enjoyment especially during the holidays.

Think about the events or gatherings that you can organize and hold in your yard with family and friends, endless conversations and certainly, a whole lot of fun! Furthermore, a stylish, well-executed and low maintenance landscaping plan add up to 28 per cent to the overall value of your home, according to expert landscape contractor.

It’s a great idea if you want to add curb appeal to your property so that you can sell it. Most people who are thinking about moving to a new house or city takes landscaping as an investment because it draws people’s attention when buying a house. On the brighter side, Nevada, specifically the city of Reno, has ranked second most popular destination in the Western United States for folks moving to a new area. Given this, adding value to your property before putting it in on the market is an advantage. It’ll be a home seller magnet before you know it.  The question is, what tricks really do work in adding value to your home? No worries, here are landscaping feats that re worth it.


1. Add Mulch

landscaping-mulchOne of landscaping’s or gardening’s secret is mulch. Adding it to your landscaping project can make your garden beds look more presentable and appealing. Plus, it will help your lawn appear low-maintenance and keeps the weeds out. Mulch also releases essential nutrients to the soil which is beneficial for your plants to flourish. There are several types of mulch, however, utility mulch like pine bark or forest fines is a better option because it looks neater and it’s more of the functional type. If you’re going to sell the house, then utility mulch is preferable, otherwise, gardener-preferred mulch would do just fine.

Bark, chipped wood, and peat moss mulches (organic mulches) are frequently used as mulch because they present an attractive addition to a landscape. Using organic mulches in Reno soil should be applied and maintained at an approximate thickness of three to four inches thick. Less than three inches will limit its weed control and temperature moderation benefits. It is imperative that the thickness of the mulch is checked regularly. You can check local suppliers for the best mulch to use or check whether utility (inorganic) mulch is available. It’s not bad to use inorganic mulch such as landscape fabric, in fact, it’s the usual choice for desert plants and you can store it for the next season. The application is not as thick as the organic mulch though.

2. Outline Lawn Edges

lawn-edgesAesthetics is one of the most recognized benefits of landscaping and a popular selling point too. Now, outlining lawn edges is one of the simpler tasks you can do to make your landscaping look reserved. By defining lawn edges, you can create clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas in your yard. Yes, you may spend a lot of time cropping and mow your lawn, yet without paying attention to the edges it’ll just be sloppy. For a defined border, you can use bricks, stones or other materials. Outlining edges isn’t only for decoration, it’s also more functional and aesthetic. It’ll give your lawn that clean and organized look in which home buyers would love.

3. Install Lighting

landscaping-lightingDo you have existing plants or trees in your garden? Then, you don’t have to cut them out or replace them. Instead, you make use of them when you add outdoor illumination, like hanging lanterns, or light bulbs, or even Christmas lights on them. Installing lighting in your landscaping could extend the use of your investment because of the ambiance it offers for activities after sunset. Moreover, most landscaping lighting nowadays is the low voltage and LED which are safer to work with and less expensive. Lighting ideas such as under lit benches, wall lightings, water feature lighting, and a well-lighted walkway are just a few of the many you could consider. This feature is incredible especially that the holiday season is just around the corner. Potential home buyers, along with their family or friends within the area can celebrate the holidays, the “Reno” way. It’ll be their first time to spend it in “The Biggest Little City” so better make sure that they are welcomed brightly – literally.

4. Garden Plants

tulipsNothing feels emptier than having a blank slate for a garden or lawn. Yep, that’s just sad and it will not leave a positive impression to your family, friends and even those who are going to check your house (if you’re going to sell it). If your lawn is dull, the best solution you should take to address this pitfall is start gardening. It’ll be an improvement that most buyers certainly look for.

To do this, you have determine your area’s region (specifically in your district), climate, type of soil and of course, the best plants to grow in your garden. Now, Reno has a mid-latitude steppe/ semi-arid cool climate based on Köppen-Geiger classification. Also, soils are extremely variable and can provide challenges for you or your chosen gardener, hence, it’s important to conduct a soil test first in order to determine the composition of your soil and it’s pH level. It will also help determine the amendments or supplements that your soil requires. Once you’ve done these, then you’ll be able to choose appropriate plants for your landscape. You may have to talk to your local garden center about your garden’s particular environment and ask for expert advice. Gardening can also be of great help to your health without you knowing it.

5. Layer With Turf

turf Your lawn would look a whole lot better if you’re going to layer it with turf. It is certainly a garden element that families will be looking for when assessing a property to purchase. Aside from that, if you have kids, they’d definitely love playing on it or even you could have some fun in outdoor games. You don’t have to worry about the cost because the turf is not that expensive. Artificial turf offers a clean and uniform look and even maintains the aesthetics of natural grass and it’s not that hard or costly to maintain since it doesn’t need watering or lawn mowing. You can install a sprinkler above it to make it look more appealing.

6. Add Color

flower-gardenColor simply adds a look good and feel good mood – you just have to choose the right ones for your landscaping project. Adding plants of your favorite color can spark interest and create excitement to people around and of course, to potential home buyers. Incorporating color to your landscaping creates a gorgeous space. Now, keep the colors simple but to make it more appealing, choose a highlight. You have to choose a color scheme that will amplify the look of your entire property. Analogous, Complementary, Monochromatic and Triadic are the four basic types of color schemes you could choose from and along with these, you must also consider a place for white and gray in the garden. Incorporating all these tricks in your landscaping project will absolutely turn out to be a guaranteed success.

Doing these renovations for your home doesn’t have to be expensive or in any way dig deep in your pocket. One more thing, to ensure that you’ll get the best value for your money, don’t forget to hire the perfect and experienced landscape contractor for your project. Yes, DIY can help you save money but there are tasks that require a professional touch. Whether you’re just going to do the landscaping renovations for enjoyment or for home selling purposes, it” certainly adds value and great ambiance to your home!