Five Valuable Tips For Remarkable Landscape Project Designs in Reno

Each and every one of us has our own version of a dream house with an ideal landscape. When you were a kid, you hoped to have a castle just like Disney’s princes and princesses but as you grew older your perception and choice has changed. When you dream of your house, you dream big, right? Along with it is a vast landscape outside with green, healthy and dense evergreens and flowers.

I totally understand you, because I, myself have a very vivid imagination of how my dream house would look like. Specifically, if you live in Reno, also known as “The Biggest Little City in the World”. Explicit illustrations take place inside my mind every time I think about this dream house of mine. Splash of colors, shapes, and patterns are being visualized within my brain when I am alone and imagining.

Creating a design for your dream house, especially a successful landscaping project, can be quite difficult especially if there are a lot of things that preoccupy your mind. You want this, you want that and you want something else. However, the key to a successful landscape design is that you have already finalized what you wanted and how it would appear once it’s done.

There are five basic elements that should be considered in your design such as color, form, texture, scale, and balance. Aside from that, modern techniques, schemes, artistry, and other important factors may also influence your design. No matter what your influences are, your landscaping design would surely be unique and one of a kind. To make that happen, here are five valuable tips for remarkable landscape designs in Reno.


1. Make Your Own Design

landscape designWhether you are good at drawing or not, you should make your own design and start by making a sketch. Your dream house doesn’t really need an architect to be beautiful enough on the paper, the most important thing that counts is the idea or your vision. Take all the time that you need, jot down the detailed information of how you want it to look like and of course, what elements should go into it.

You can also use online apps, websites or software to create a unique design. Nowadays, there is online software that offers 3D viewing features color application and landscape and deck planning tools which are so much helpful for your design project. If otherwise you are not a do-it-yourselfer and prefer a traditional method, you can still opt to hire a professional architect to do the job for you. They can help you with everything you need and suggest relevant ideas make your design even better.

In order to accomplish this task successfully, there are factors that needs to be considered, specifically property rules in Reno that may affect you landscaping design in terms of functionality, such as:

  • Divisions Of Land– Your landscape design and project should adhere to this subdivision ordinance and zoning that governs new and existing development in Reno.
  • Approval From the Local Planning Division – Building a wall or fence to complete you project shall undergo approval first from the local authorities.
  • Tree Protection Codes – Before planning to cut down trees in your yard to fit your design, make sure that you are aware of the municipal tree protection regulations.
  • Landscaping And Screening Codes – These are requirements and standards you have to establish in your landscape project.


2. Look Forward To The Future

landscaping poolIf you have any plans for building a family in the future or if you have plans of taking care of your elder parents someday, you need to consider their accommodations and include it in your design. Make your design flexible and think about the amenities that you want for your family in the future like having a vegetable or flower garden for your elders and a pool for your kids.

Also, as time goes by, the trend in designs for gardens, pools, and other amenities will continue to change, therefore, it’s still best to stick to the classic. Classic designs or elements never grow old and if you invest on modern trends which will eventually be obsolete someday, it’ll be costly on your part to keep up with it.


3. Contemplate Function

landscaping functionIn developing a design, style is a major factor. However, you should also consider function and combine it with style. Decide on what each space would function for your family. One of the first things that you have to do in starting a landscaping project is to decide how much area you’d like to use and what are the main reasons you’re doing it – may it be for relaxation, curb appeal, and may more.

Hence, the design should correspond to the function that you have chosen for you and your family. Yes, aesthetics is also important but avoid too many hard and sharp edges or elements in your design that could pose a threat to your family member’s welfare, always aim for a landscape that’s user-friendly.


4. Highlight Features

landscaping gazeboOnce you have set what you want your landscaping project to look like, you need to highlight the features wherein the most important aspects are present in your design. The rule here is first thing’s first: prioritize importance over luxury and think of what you need the most. Not everything that looks good in catalogs or on TV is also good additions to your landscaping.

Evidently, there are a lot of features that are worth adding to your landscaping project such as water features, benches, walls, gazebos, etc. You just have to figure out which ones are important and would fit the function of your landscaping project.

In connection with water features, please be reminded of the municipal regulations regarding prohibited uses of water and planting of lawns as well as the installation of new lawns and the use of seed or hydroseed  in a certain period of time.

5. Reflect On Light

landscaping-lightingLight plays a great role in every design especially in your dream home as well as your landscaping plan which has a great influence in our lives. It is indeed wonderful to look at if natural light enters your home because it gives it a radiant glow and a vibrant or happy feeling.

However, when the night comes, you’ll need additional light features to illuminate your space especially your yard. Certainly, there will be family gatherings, dinner with friends, or any other occasions that are perfectly held in the front or backyard after the sun sets. Hence, it’s relevant to install landscape lighting.

You can also install lightings on the features that you want to highlight, walkways, home exterior and even on trees. It’ll set the perfect mood for the evening, especially that the holiday season is fast approaching.

Remember, use of search or animated lights is highly prohibited in Reno and following the city’s lighting design guidelines is a must. This covers the illumination regulations of sidewalks, passageways, parking areas, rear and side yard area such as maximum mounting height, recommended lamp color/types, etc.


Contemplating on the above tips can help you design your landscaping project in Reno in the best possible way. Your dream house is special, so as its landscape, hence, you just have to make it a reality when the time is right. Many would say that starting a landscaping project is expensive, but, it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are ways on how to do it with minimal spending, yet, with guaranteed results. You just have to start with a well-designed and efficient plan to achieve your desired landscape.

Furthermore, choosing the perfect landscape contractor for the job is paramount. This is an essential part of your project which needs to be given attention. Hiring the right person or company in Reno will ensure that the results are of the highest quality without digging a hole in your pocket. So, make your dream a reality and be proud once you have achieved it!